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[UKUncut,] the loosely-knit group of up to 30,000 anarchists…

As reported in the Sun, Saturday 18 December


I haven’t been to any protests over the past week, missing out on Pay Day due to a combination of snow (only a few inches, but our road was treacherous) and a dodgy ankle. However, this was the week in which I learned that, as a follower of the UKUncut movement, I had been classed as an anarchist.

The definitions of words evolve – ‘wireless’, for example, had a very different definition 80 years ago. Perhaps the definition of anarchist is changing in the wake of us “mobs” organising ourselves and taking to the streets.

So what is an anarchist today?

In Oxford, an anarchist of today might rush around the main shopping streets, racing in and out of some shops, and pausing outside others to implore the businesses to pay taxes. Watch this video (seriously – it’s great) and see for yourselves.

Meanwhile, in London, an anarchist of today had the choice between taking part in a ‘sports day’ (highlighting £160m cuts to school sports programmes) or a reading session (highlighting cuts to library services). In Brighton, an anarchist Santa Claus might glue himself to a shop door and subsequently get arrested:

It is not yet known whether Mr. Claus was freed in time to avoid delays to his annual round-the-world gift delivering mission this Friday night; I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Across the country, perhaps a few thousand anarchists managed to take to the street in peaceful protest against tax avoidance. I think we can summarise that, according to the Sun, an anarchist is someone who takes direct action in order to achieve a political goal.

Last time I checked, this was an activist.

So much can change in a few months…


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